How Hypnosis Can Help You

If you have been struggling with issues and haven't found the right solution, Hypnotherapy is a very effective modality.

Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Stop Smoking

Lose Weight (and Maintain Your Ideal Weight)

Overcome Fears and Phobias

Increase Confidence and Motivation

Live at a Higher Level of Consciousness

Have a strong Mind, Body, and Spirit Connection

Experience Career Success

Heal Physical and Emotional Trauma


It can be tough to make positive changes that last.  Have you ever set a goal and made a promise to yourself that you will...

*get up early

*hit the gym or do that workout

*eat healthy (and avoid the sodas and junk food)

*stop smoking

*lose weight (and keep it off)

*have better self-control


Positive thinking doesn't always lead to positive results!

Over time your level of confidence drops and you might just give up when these kinds of thoughts play in your mind...

"What's the use, I can't do it"

"I tried that before and it didn't work."

"I don't have the willpower"

And the all-time famous...

"I don't have the time or the money"

It is important to identify what is driving your behavior, understand what the behavior is depriving you of, and work on creating new neuro pathways in your mind. Under Hypnosis you will be in a very focused, relaxed state where we will bypass your critical mind (the one that gets in your way), access your powerful subconscious mind and drop in suggestions that will lead to lasting changes.


If you are...

*New to your profession

*Unclear about your next career move

*Just got a promotion

*In a Leadership or Management role

*Ready to take your career to the next level

It can be stressful!!!

  Doubt, fear, lack of confidence, and lack of necessary leadership and relationships skills can sabotage your career and future. In our work together, we will identify your short-term and long-term goals, uncover any roadblocks to your success, set some key milestones, work on the areas that limit your effectiveness and measure your progress.

I will utilize Hypnosis to help you create new and empowering ways of being...which will in turn position you for career and professional success. It's like a having a Life Coach, but much more powerful and effective!!


Romantic, family and personal relationships are a natural part of our lives. While they can be fulfilling and rewarding, they can also be a source of stress, tension, and frustration. Breakdown in communication creates conflict, hurt feelings and damage to relationships that are valuable to us. We come to our relationships with our own set of beliefs, values, ideals and views about how relationships are supposed to be, which is learned through our family of origin. 

From age 0-8, we learn from our primary caregiver generally our Mother how to get our needs met (this could also be a Stepmother, Grandmother, Aunt, etc depending on the family dynamic)

Then from age 9-14, it flips and we learn how to be in relationships with others from our secondary caregiver, generally our Father (or Stepfather, Grandfather, Uncle, etc depending on our family dynamic)

By learning more about your "relationship blueprint" we will uncover any limiting beliefs  you have, identify behaviors and patterns you repeat over and over, and resolve any past traumas that might be standing in the way of creating those deep, enriching and empowering relationships.

By utilizing effective communication and conflict resolution skills, being present in the moment, empowering your self and your significant other, you CAN create the relationship you envision!