About Me

I create a inviting space for my clients to be open and authentic about their challenges, however big or small. I use my gifts of empathy, intuition and compassion, combined with my skills and experience to help my clients create positive, lasting changes.

I am an Empath - I feel energies at a very deep level and have the gift of keen intuition, which serves me well in working with my clients. (If you are also an Empath or HSP, I can help you become empowered and use your gift to serve the world in the way that is most meaningful for you!)


 A family member experienced some very challenging life circumstances a few years ago. Having limited coping skills, she started drinking heavily to numb the pain and it was starting to negatively impact her life. She fell down and hurt herself during one of her drinking binges and we knew she needed help immediately. Feeling certain that she wasn't alcoholic, we started searching for an answer.  It turns out she knew of a Certified Hypnotherapist who said he could quickly help her stop drinking and get back on track with life. After only two sessions, she stopped drinking and learned some new ways to cope with her grief and sadness. I'm happy to see her back to being her funny, sarcastic, vibrant self and see someone who has gained some very empowering ways of overcoming life challenges and is able to live life to its fullest through the power of hypnosis.

Seeing firsthand what a positive impact that Hypnotherapy had on her, I immediately knew that this was the answer I had been looking for in my desire to change careers.  I invested in my education and completed a 2-year intensive program through the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI), a nationally accredited college. It is such and honor and privilege to be able to help people make positive changes in their lives through my Hypnotherapy practice. I can honestly say that is by far the most deeply fulfilling and gratifying career I have ever had in my professional life, and the journey is just beginning.